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    EnzymeWorks focus on contract research services (CRO) via retrosynthetic design of chemoenzymatic routes. We are also a world-leading supplier of enzymes, cofactors and biochemicals in addition to provide contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO). Our customers include over 80% leading international companies in pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, flavor & fragrance, diagnostic, and fine chemical industries. 

    EnzymeWorks develop bio-based green processes for chemical manufacturing through retrosynthetic integration of powerful chemical and biological transformation toolboxes. Our team has contributed to nearly 25 English books, filed over 150 patents for our customers and won numerous awards in the field of enzyme discovery, protein engineering, biocatalysis, synthetic biology, biomanufacturing and green chemistry.

    In addition to state of the R&D facility of over 6,000 square meters focusing on biosynthesis, chemical synthesis, enzyme development, protein engineering, high throughput screening, metabolic engineering and fermentation from the lab to pilot scale, we have in-house manufacturing plants with over 30,000 square meters dedicated to contract manufacturing (CMO) of enzymes, biochemical and chemicals from 3000L to 10,000L scale.

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